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In the startup-world, from conception to launch and acquisition, usually involves mass user acquisition, in order to increase brand value, and ultimately become a more attractive proposition for further investment, or even potential acquisition. Operating in such a competitive landscape, analytics has become a critical factor. Knowing and understanding app usage is crucial, understanding what features users are more receptive to allows startups to pivot dynamically, in order to provide a better offering, at the time-of-launch.  This is where Lean Analytics provides an even greater competitive differentiator, allowing companies to focus on what’s important. 


Fact is, the nature of startups is to operate on scarce resources and capital, where most can ill-afford to dedicate time to develop sophisticated analytics, resorting to picking  off-the-shelf analytics solutions that may not quite be ‘lean enough’ or may require too much customisation. Enter Keen, which brings to the table, a level of customisation and calibration that is scalable, whilst maintaining simplicity in implementation. 

So what is Keen?

Essentially, Keen  is devised to collect and store massive quantities of event data (Big Data), which are interaction action items that happen throughout the day. The type of events and data you want to track is completely selective, allowing startups to either use a simple REST API, or already-made client SDK, and track anything from signups, impressions, errors. 


As Keen claim, We believe in the power of data to uncover new truths about what’s important in your application.

Keen IO makes APIs to collect, analyze and visualize data. Keen IO is unique because of how flexible it is. We’re analytics by API – we don’t have a pre-defined solution or a finite set of use cases. Anything related to event data can be tracked and built on top of our platform. This empowers developers to collect and explore their data. Compared to a lot of solutions out there, with proprietary and closed solution sets, our platform approach allows for an amazing amount of flexibility, control, and customization for our users. On top of this, we make it incredibly easy to get set up and start sending events.


What makes Keen extremely robust, is in it’s ability to store arbitrary JSON data, based on custom properties and attributes, that makes sense to you, without having to worry about how ‘Big Data’ is stored, and scaled. The complexities involved in configuring complicated data analysis tools whilst balancing multiple servers is taken out of the equation, allowing startups to focus on their product, and tracking just the right amount of data needed for them to build their value proposition. 


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